2nd Annual Frank Cordero Memorial Chukar Challenge

September 12, 2020 | East Mountain Preserve

Entry Form: Download and print. Send with payment to:

Danny Cordero


417 Old Post Rd
Marlboro, NY 12542

(845-542-0044-questions or info)

No entries will be held without payment.

The Official Rules:


  • 20 pts. for each bagged Chukar in Hand.

  • 15 pts. for each find, or pointed bird.

  • 10 pts. for each retrieve, within 1 step.

  • 5 pts. for each remaining loaded shell.

  • 1pt. for each 20sec. under remaining time.



1.  No running with a gun.  You will be DQ'd.

2.  Add dogs must be kept on lead and away from running area until it is your time to run.

3.  All competitors must wear blaze orange in the field, including an orange hat.

4.  All guns must be kept unloaded until at the starting line and handled safely at all times.

     Gunners may not shoulder gun until the bird is in the air.  Any gun handling violation will 

     grounds to be DQ'ed.

5.  All dogs must be heeled and on lead to and from the fields.  Any dog determined by the judges to be "out of control" will be subject to a DQ.  Electronic collars will not be permitted. Handlers should carry water for their dogs at all times.

6.  Entries are capped at 16 dogs, and starting times and running order will be assigned based when your entry is received.

7.  All competitors must register when they arrive.  All competitors must be at the starting 10 minutes before their assigned starting time.  Any competitor not at the starting line will be given a 10 point penalty.

8.  All Birds shot must be carried by the competitor at all times.

9.  Judges will accompany all competitors in the field.  Any disagreements will be handled before you leave the field.  Unforeseen things happen, but all decisions by the judges are FINAL.  No appeals...........................remember, this is for FUN. If you are not sure of something, ask someone.  We will get you an answer.

10.  All birds will be Chukar, and must be shot in the air.  This is the only way birds can be counted for scoring. Hunters cannot pick up already dead birds and  counted for scoring. All dogs catching a bird will be awarded a 3 point penalty for each bird caught. A bird that does not flush or fly will be counted as a "Non Productive" bird, and will be counted for full credit, and a shell forfeited.  Only one "Non Productive" bird per run. Wild flushes, (a flush not caused by the dog) will not be considered a qualifying bird. Non productive birds are at judges discretion. Hunters must make every effort to flush the bird. 

11.  All shells must be FACTORY loads, and will be of size 6 shot or LESS.  2 3/4 max length. No magnum shells will be allowed and will be subject to DQ if used.  12ga. or lower may be used. You will be allowed 10 shells per run.

13.  You will be allowed a max. of 20 min. The run stops, and time ends when:

             A.  A total of 5 "legal" birds have been acted upon. (shot, dog catches or points, 1 non  productive, or safety) A wild flush will be consider a "no bird contact", UNLESS

acted upon by the hunter. (if you shoot, it is counted)     

             B.  Time has expired.

             C.  A Hunter is out of shells

             D.  A DQ occurs.

14.  POINTER RULES...a dog cannot be "Whoa'd" to a find.  A dog must establish point first to be awarded "find" points.  Whoa, can be used to prevent creeping. A dog cannot catch or trap a bird.  If a dog moves in on a bird and catches or flushes the bird without pointing first, no find points can be awarded.  There will be a 3 point penalty for each bird caught or trapped by a dog, that the hunter did not have the opportunity to flush or shoot.  The dog can not earn retrieve points for the bird if they catch it and bring it back. If a bird runs after a point is established and the dog "repositions" to make if fly, it is  considered legal. Reposition means establishing another point, NOT CHASING.   

15.  A dog breaking on the flush, will be deducted 3 points.

16.  Retrieve points will be awarded when a dog retrieves each bird to a minimum of within one step of the hunter.  THE HUNTER CANNOT MOVE TOWARDS THE DOG AFTER THE BIRD HAS BEEN SHOT. A hunter is permitted to move backwards or laterally.  A violation will result in no retrieve points awarded if the hunter moves toward the dog.

17.  Field judges will explain the field boundaries before the run begins.  No hunter may pursue or shoot outside the field boundaries. Hunters can shoot OVER the boundaries if standing in the field they are hunting.  The dog may retrieve a bird over the boundaries also, as long as the retrieve is made within the field they are hunting.

18.  In the event a "SAFETY" is called due to an obstruction, such as a judge in the field, the  bird is scored in full and a shell is forfeited. If a hunter SHOOTS after a safety is called, the  hunter is subject to a DQ. 

19. Bitches in heat allowed, but must run in the LAST runs of the day.

20.  NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ANYTIME ON THE PROPERTY.  No competitor will be allowed to compete if they have consumed ANY alcoholic beverage.   

21.  Awards will be for 1st., 2nd., 3rd. in each class per day, and High Point dog.  High Point dog CAN NOT win class also. (new for 2020)

22.  SAFETY AND SPORTSMAN LIKE CONDUCT ARE OUR FIRST PRIORITIES.  THE CHUKAR CHALLENGE SHOULD BE COMPETITIVE AND FUN. The objectives of the day is  comradely, good dog work, good marksmanship, a bit of luck, and enjoyment for everyone.