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2023 Test Dates:

Spring: May 31- June 2

Fall: September 13-15

Please Note:  Please remember to include along with your test fee a completed test application.


Unfortunately we can not reserve a spot for anyone without both the check and the test application.


There will be no refunds if you cancel within 30 days of the test.


NAVHDA has a complete testing program to evaluate your dog's progress from pup to finished hunting companion to a Versatile Champion. For more information on testing, visit the NAVHDA



The RockTavern Chapter sponsors NAVHDA sanctioned hunt tests twice each year in the Spring and again in the Fall.


Natural Ability testing evaluates the dog's natural abilities before 16 months of age. Which gives you a vision of what your versatile gun dog can be tomorrow.


Preparatory testing provides an intermediate test which evaluates the dog's progression towards a finished utility gun dog.


Utility testing evaluates a dog's finished hunting skills and abilities. At the time of the test, it tells you how good your dog is at hunting, pointing and retrieving game.


Invitational testing, the flag ship of NAVHDA, calls for a supreme versatile performance to become recognized as a "Versatile Champion".



  • Natural Ability Test:  Member $175.00  /  Non-Member $215

  • Utility Prep Test or Utility Test:  Member $200.00  /  Non-Member $240 

Please make all checks payable to Rock Tavern NAVHDA.

Checks should be mailed to:

Kevin Sterling

5 Snider Ave

Walden, NY 12586



Testing Regulations


To apply for our test please fill out an official NAVHDA test application.


You must be a member of the International to participate in a RockTavern Chapter test. A participant can only test a maximum of two dogs in our spring or fall test. In the event that four weeks prior to the test, that the test is not full then the chapter reserves the right to allow a handler to test more than two dogs.


You will not be considered for a test until a completed application and the check is received. We can not and do not hold spots unless both the application and the check are received.


Your entry fee will not be returned to you unless we can fill your place in the test.


There cannot be any substitutions of dogs.


The director of testing will maintain a waiting list for every test. The waiting list is based on a first come first serve basis. A completed application along with payment is required in order to be placed on the waiting list.


Please make certain you double check your application for accuracy prior to forwarding it in the mail. You will need to include your NAVHDA International member number along with your dog's registration number. Only completed applications can be processed to participate in the RockTavern test.


Once you have submitted your test application please check back on the Rock Tavern website for any additional information. There will not be any other communication provided other than on our website.


Test Day


Our test grounds are located off Route 207 in Newburgh New York. The address is 404 Ridge Rd. Montgomery, NY.  Click here for Google Maps


Plan to arrive at the test site at 6:30AM sharp! Once the group leaves to enter the property the gates are locked and there is no way for a late arrival to gain access to the property.


Once you arrive you will be asked to review your score card for accuracy of information.


Each participate will receive the running order for the day.


The judges and the chapter will introduce themselves give an orientation as to the events of the day and then off we go.


At the bottom of this page is a list of hotels. The area does fill up during the September time frame so if hotels are required, you should book early.


There is no training allowed on the grounds on the day of the test.


Lunch / beverages will be provided (for participants/workers of the test), however a small donation is appreciated. Please bring you own chair(s).


A port-a-john will be on the grounds.

Females in Season


Females in season may be tested,however they can be VERY distracting to the other dogs, especially males. Females can also be distracted as well.


Notify the test secretary as soon as possible so that adjustments can be made to the running order.


Ask the Test Secretary or other test official where to park your vehicle. Also ask the test secretary about a place to exercise your dog.


Do not bring your dog to the preliminary meeting before the test starts.


Keep your female as far away as possible from other dogs. Be aware of the wind and try to place yourself downwind from other dogs.


As always keep your dog under positive control (on a leash or in a crate) until you are actually handling your dog in the test.


There are many motels within a 15-20 minute drive to the grounds:

Marriott Courtyard Newburgh New York 845-567-4800

Holiday Inn Newburgh New York 845-564-9020

Ramada Inn Newburgh New York 845-564-4500

Hampton Inn Newburgh New York 845-567-9100

Days Inn New Windsor New York 845-564-7550

Please call to see if they accept dogs!

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